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Pastor Michael dixon

Pastor Dixon is the founder and director of L.I.F.E., a 501c3 addiction recovery ministry, and a former pastor of 32 years. He holds a Master of Divinity with Biblical Counseling degree, a B.S. in Church Ministries, Associate of Arts in Religion, and is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist-A through the governing board of N.C. He is also a published author, "Casting Down Idols through The Power of The Gospel,” available on, as well as other online bookstores. Pastor Dixon was once an alcoholic and addicted to drugs until he was delivered over 35 years ago.


Carolyn Fox, Pastor Dixon's mother shares how she learned to trust God for her addicted son. You can watch her video here:


Pastor Dixon now devotes much of his time and resources in reaching out to others who are struggling in that same place that he once was. There is a way out of addiction and life can be great. L.I.F.E. exists to help people realize this truth!

Pastor Dixon can be emailed at

Check out Pastor Dixon's addiction recovery podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, Casting Down Idols.

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